Be a Good Communicator about Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

[quote align=”left” color=”#999999″]When you file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Florida you are responsible for keeping open communication between your employer, the insurance company, and your treating physician. Because all three have a significant impact on the settlement of your claim and payment of benefits, you need to make sure all reports to each are submitted in a timely manner.[/quote]
Your employer should be notified immediately when you have been injured at work, so they can file the initial claim paperwork.
They will need to be kept aware of your treatment and progress to help validate the amount of benefits you are receiving. Once you are cleared for work, they will need to know so they can prepare for any accommodations you may need following your accident.

The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier will also play an integral role in the approval and payment of your benefits. You will need to provide them with the reports on your injury and treatment. They should also be kept up to date with your medical progress and long-term needs if your injury results in disability.

Your treating physician is also very important in your Florida Workers’ Compensation claim.
They are the source of proof that your injury was severe enough to warrant absence from work and any long-term disability needs. Keep your doctor informed of your personal health during treatment and be honest with them about your recovery and ability to return to normal work.

Good communication is just one of the responsibilities you have when filing a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim. To make sure your claim is accurately filed and settled you need to pay good attention to details with your treatment and recovery so you can return to work when necessary.

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