Florida Accident Injuries that May Result in Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have been injured in a Florida accident, such as a motor vehicle crash or a severe slip and fall, you may be thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim. While this type of claim can help when someone else’s negligence is the cause of your injuries, you might also consider filing for Social Security disability benefits if your injuries are expected to persist and create long-term disability.
[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]A personal injury settlement with an insurance company can take care of damages such as lost wages and medical expenses but it may not fully cover your losses if you become permanently disabled and unable to work.[/quote]

[column col=”1/2″]Some of the types of Florida accident injuries that may result in filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits include: 

[list type=”icon-angle-right”]

[li]back injury[/li]
[li]traumatic brain injury[/li]
[li]spinal cord injury[/li]


[column col=”1/2″ last=”true”]When these injuries are severe, there is a potential you may never be able to return to work. When your ability to function is limited, Social Security disability benefits can help cover lost income. A Jacksonville Social Security disability lawyer can assess the injuries you sustained in a Florida accident to determine if you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In addition, a lawyer can give you a better idea of what you’ll need when applying for benefits, and can help you through the entire application process after you’ve sustained disabling injuries in a Florida accident.[/column]

[message_box title=”Contacting a Florida Social Security Disability Lawyer” color=”blue”]The Florida Social Security disability lawyer team at Sullivan & Associates understands that you have questions regarding your Social Security disability claim. We have your answers. Before you hire an attorney or file your claim, order this free consumer guide Cutting Through the Red Tape: Top Ten Things Florida Social Security Disability Applicants Should Know for more information about how to build a strong claim.

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