Preventing Elevator Shaft Accidents at Jacksonville Construction Sites

You may think it’s pretty difficult to be injured in an elevator shaft when they’re obvious large holes in the ground. However, it is this very fact that makes elevator shafts such a serious hazard on construction sites, causing hundreds of injuries each year.

An unsecured elevator shaft that is left open and unbarricaded can cause a serious fall hazard when workers are preoccupied near the opening. Falling down an elevator shaft, no matter how short the distance, can cause serious impact injuries. Therefore it is critical that your construction site manager makes sure that the proper safety measures such as barricades or covers are used when the shaft is not occupied.

If you are a worker doing construction within an elevator shaft, you are also at risk of suffering a serious injury if proper safety equipment is not used. Aside from standards such as gloves, hard hats and reinforced footwear, your employer should provide you with a personal fall arrest system. OSHA standards require that specific fall prevention equipment be used in elevator shafts and other areas where falling is a potential.

Failure to comply with basic safety practices, as well as those mandated by OSHA, can not only result in construction site injuries but also safety violations. When you are injured on the job and file a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim, you may also be able to file a claim against your employer for failure to provide proper safety measures.

Jacksonville construction sites with elevator shafts need to have extra safety measures in place to prevent elevator shaft accidents. The more hazards that are clearly marked, restricted or resolved, the lower the chances are that you will suffer serious injury and need to file a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim.

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