The Hazards of a Construction Site & Workplace Injury

Construction workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the workforce. The conditions at construction sites are riddled with hazards, both natural and man-made, that can cause serious, even fatal injury. Even with proper safety procedures, many construction site accidents occur each year and create plenty of Workers’ Compensation claims.

No matter what the type of job, a construction site will always have some form of hazard that can potentially cause you injury. When you are injured while working at a construction site, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance should provide for your medical care as well as compensate you for lost wages while you recover.

Some of the common hazards at construction sites include:

[list type=”icon-angle-right”]

[li]unstable ground that causes trips or falls[/li]
[li]malfunctioning equipment[/li]
[li]misused equipment or tools[/li]
[li]falling objects[/li]
[li]flying debris[/li]
[li]electrical hazards[/li]
[li]chemical spills[/li]
[li]fires and explosions[/li]
[li]negligent workers[/li]
[li]misuse or lack of safety equipment[/li]
[li]poor weather[/li]


The injuries sustained in a construction site accident can put you out of work permanently. Your employer is required to cover workplace accidents with Workers’ Compensation insurance, but you may need the help of a Jacksonville Workers’ Compensation lawyer to file a claim for your construction site accident and obtain a fair settlement.

[message_box title=”Contacting a Jacksonville Workers’ Compensation Attorney” color=”blue”]A Florida Workers’ Compensation attorney from Sullivan & Associates can help you to develop a solid case for your Florida Workers’ Compensation claim. Request a free copy of our consumer guide, How Florida Workers’ Compensation Works: 5 Things Every Injured Worker Needs to Know, for valuable information on your accident and injury.

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